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Beat Your Fears With Sleep Dentistry

Our team at Chino Hills Dentistry understands that many people have a very true fear of the dentist. Unfortunately, this phobia prevents millions of Americans from seeking the dental care they need in order to maintain good dental health. Dental issues almost always worsen over time, so avoiding those dental visits out of fear can be extremely harmful to your overall health.

If you are ready to conquer your fear of the dentist, Dr. Agnew and our dental team at Chino Hills Dentistry are here to help you. Through sedation dentistry, we can help you with your dental care needs through a simple, painless experience.

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About Oral Sedation

At Chino Hills Dentistry, we offer 2 different types of sedation options to fit the individual needs of each patient we serve. These sedation options include:

  • Twilight Dentistry: Patients who choose twilight dentistry can simply take a pill at the beginning of the dental appointment in order to enjoy a deeply relaxed dental visit.
  • Sleep Dentistry: Those with more acute fears often choose sleep dentistry in order to ensure a safe, comfortable dental treatment. The entire appointment will pass by while the patient is fully asleep and carefully monitored by an on-site dental anesthesiologist.

Alternately, patients may also choose to take nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, in order to feel more at ease during their dental visits.

Find Out If Sedation Dentistry Is the Right Fit For You

Individuals who are fearful of the dentists, or have had a bad past experience may choose to seek alternative methods for dental treatment. Whether you are simply fearful of needles, gag easily, or simply want to speed the process up, sedation dentistry can be a winning choice. Through sedation dentistry, you can obtain the dental treatment you need to preserve your dental health or treat any toothaches or underlying issues.

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