Cosmetic Dentistry in Chino Hills

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are numerous benefits to cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dental procedures enhance the overall quality of life in that they boost self-confidence, have a positive impact on our social life and career prospects, and fortify our teeth and gums. Undoubtedly, people look healthier and more rejuvenated after having cosmetic dental work. Despite the fact that cosmetic procedures are often not covered by insurance, people find that they are well worth the investment because they improve their appearances and give them the confidence they need.

Comfort with Beautiful Results

At our Chino Hills dental care facility, our talented dentist provides an individualized assessment of your cosmetic dentistry needs, helping you choose the option that’s right for you. With patient comfort in mind, Dr. Randy Agnew seeks to ease common discomfort associated with conventional cosmetic dentistry procedures. We offer a number of painless cosmetic alternatives to make your dental experience more pleasant and we adopt minimally invasive techniques to ensure patient comfort is our priority.

Contact (909) 364-8282 for the following cosmetic dentistry services in Chino Hills:

  • Veneers – Thin laminates applied to the tooth surface that cover stains or gaps, and can improve the color and appearance of teeth
  • Lumineers – A type of ultra-thin veneer that is relatively more easy and painless to apply than conventional veneers
  • White porcelain crowns – Crowns constructed from porcelain-based elements often used to restore and blend in with the natural color of teeth
  • White fillings – Composite resin fillings made of a glass and plastic blend and used in the restoration of decayed teeth
  • Smile makeovers – A process of enhancing a patient’s smile for better appearance through cosmetic dentistry procedures
  • Dental implants– A titanium post surgically attached to the jawbone underneath the gum line, enabling us to affix prosthetic teeth or bridges in place
  • Snap-on dentures – A kind of overdenture that is affixed to an implant, not the gum
  • White bridges – Fixed prosthetic devices that are attached to the natural teeth or implants, usually to fill the gap left by missing teeth

Things You Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Before agreeing to a cosmetic dentistry procedure, patients should also do their research. This involves investigating your dentist’s credentials to make sure they are qualified and have adequate training in cosmetic dentistry. Remember, a good cosmetic dentist often receives additional post-graduate training and continuing education to keep up with the latest developments in the field. Also, familiarize yourself with the dentist’s past work, taking stock of patient photos and past smile designs while consulting with the dentist on the most realistic and appropriate course for you.

At Chino Hills Dentistry, you can rest assured that Dr. Agnew is an accomplished and accredited cosmetic and reconstructive dental surgeon with advanced training in many cosmetic dental procedures.

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